Connecting to the network

Connecting your home

Connection Fees

The following fees apply to new developments; sites in which the network infrastructure would need to be built in order for a connection to be possible. Your address fits this criteria if it is not approved by our Service Qualification Tool.

Contract Term Connection Fee
No contract $300 (one-off)
12 Months $300 (one-off)
18 Months $300 (one-off)

Note: These amounts do not include set up fees ($99 on no contract)

Connecting your home in Western Australia

If your home is located within a Fibre or HFC network area we can help with getting your home wired and connected for delivery of high speed Broadband, Phone and TV.

Connecting to the network is easy, simply bundle with a FuzeNet Internet or voice plan and save. Completed houses and apartments may already be connected to the network and ready for a service but if you are building a new house there are some additional steps you need to consider.

Fill out our application form and the connections team will contact you and guide you through each stage of the network connection process.


Outside of the house:
Builder/Owner to supply
  • Lead in Conduit (from the pit to your house)
Inside the house:
Builder/Owner to supply
  • Power point for Network Termination Device
  • Voice, Data and TV points wired back to the Network Termination Device.
  • Smart Wiring Hub.
  • TV splitter

Terms and conditions:

  • Pricing is based on installation to single story homes under construction. Completed home pricing will vary and will be quoted on a case by case basis.
  • The home owner is responsible for costs if established landscaping/paving has to be removed. All care but no responsibility is taken on removal of landscaping and paving.
  • Pricing of lead-in connections may differ in Multi Dwelling Units.
  • An approved contractor must install the lead-in. Illegal installs may be disconnected without notice.
  • A call out fee is charged for fixing faults outside of the LBNCo network boundary or faults outside the 12 month warranty period. Call out fees are also charged for installation of additional points when the property is already connected to the network.
  • Installation and/or connection of additional points can be arranged at your request and will incur additional charges at FuzeNet standard rates
  • All prices include GST and are correct as of 15th September 2015. Pricing may change without notice.
  • For further information, contact FuzeNet on 1300 881 917 or visit

The below guide will step you through the things that need to be considered and done to get your property connected to the LBNCo network.

Fibre Requirements

HFC Requirements


Direct Debit Form

*To complete your connection, please complete the direct debit form and email to