Notices and Outages

Notices and Outages


Unplanned Outage 14/02/2019 – North Sydney

Unplanned Outage Notification North Sydney Outage
Date 14/02/2019
Outage Start Time 09:46 (AEST)
Estimated Time of Restoration No ETR
Summary of the Outage Network Element Offline
Services Affected Voice and Data
Sites Affected 225 Miller Street
Number of Customers Impacted 8 in North Sydney
Status Update A technician is allocated to attend the fault

Planned Works 18/02/2019 – St Ives and Asquith

Planned Works Notification St Ives and Asquith Planned Maintenance Work
Date 18/02/2019
Maintenance Window Start Time 08:00 AEDT
Maintenance Window End Time 09:00 AEDT
Anticipated Outage Duration 15 minutes
Services Affected Internet and Voice
Sites Affected St Ives and Asquith
Number of Customers Impacted ALL
Description of the Work Due to the planned network maintenance, the customers may face interruptions to their voice and data services for 15 minutes during the maintenance window.