Company Background

Company Background

FuzeNet is an Australian telecommunications company delivering the fastest internet and high quality phone services to residents and businesses. We are a privately owned organisation with a focus on the customer, providing a personal and proactive service in everything we do.

Since the inception of FuzeNet in 2007, the company has grown significantly through business acquisitions and creating revolutionary products that benefit our customers.

Our fibre internet services offer some of the fastest connections in Australia (delivering up to 100 Mbps speed) and our phone services come with unlimited local and national calls. What’s more, our state of the art fibre solution means we can deliver these high bandwidth services through a single connection point.

Fast installation times ensure that our customers are up and running with speedy internet and phone services either immediately or within 3 days.

We offer our services on super fast broadband networks across all parts of Australia, so are able to deliver wherever you live. We support the following fantastic network partners:

  • NBN
  • FTTB
  • Opticomm
  • Redtrain
  • OPENetworks

For more information on the services available in your region, use our Service Qualification Tool to check if we can service your area.