Welcome to FuzeNet Delivering the fastest Internet services to residents and businesses since 2008.

 Why choose Fuze?

Unlimited Data

  1. Our premium NBN service knows no bounds. All our plans now come with Unlimited Data, so you don’t need to worry about exceeding your monthly allowance or purchasing further data packs!

Speeds up to 100Mbps

  1. Experience the fastest NBN speeds for less! Many providers promise the world and fail to deliver; we offer performance guarantees with actual substance, ensuring you get exactly what you’ve paid for.

Fast Activation

  1. FuzeNet gets you connected without delay – within 3 days of applying. Our technicians will take care of the delivery, installation and activation of your service in that time.

Local Support

  1. We are an Australia based company, with our head office located in Gladesville, NSW. As such, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service: our friendly staff are available from 8am – 8pm (local time) on weekdays – weekend times found here.

Multiple Users

  1. From large families to housemates, our service can cater to the usage requirements of everyone in your home!

What do our customers say?

“Excellent response, service and installation at apartment”Stephen, Southport QLD

“FuzeNet has been nothing but great. Solid connection, fast speeds and reliable customer service!”Ashton, Sherwood QLD

“Well done! Great and efficient service”Diana, Ryde NSW

“No issues during any step of connection, works like a charm”Slawomir, Saint Ives NSW

“A breath of fresh air… The set up was incredibly simple (and) the service is excellent in terms of speed and reliability”Tom, Lane Cove NSW

“FuzeNet was fast, no downtime at all. I requested a 100/40 Mbps plan and have been receiving a constant average of 94/39 Mbps”John, Mernda VIC

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