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Welcome to the Network Connection application form. Please fill in the form below and our connections team will contact you to discuss your connection requirements and will be able to answer all you're queries regarding your new connection to the LBNCo network

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To ensure that your connections process goes on as smooth as possible there's just a couple of items that would need to be confirmed or double checked and you should be aware of. Please answer the following questions with a yes or no.

1. Did your builder install a lead in conduit from the street into the side of the house?
2. Has your builder or a third party done our internal wiring for your services.
3. Has your internal wiring been run to the meter box and have been labeled?
4. If you're in a fibre network, do you have a GPO installed in your meter box?
5. What Services would you be interested in from FuzeNet? (Select whichever applies)

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