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internet Questions

Help! The NBN isn’t available at my address!

What type of Internet technology is available at my address?

What speeds can I expect?

Do I need a phone line with my FuzeNet service?

Is there any cost for setting up or installing my FuzeNet service?

What if I need a site visit from the NBN or a private fibre provider?

How long does installation and set up take?

Can I bring my own modem?

Can I pick up my router from the FuzeNet office?

I am switching to FuzeNet from another service provider. Will my internet go down when I change providers?

What type of IP address is provided?

Which providers does FuzeNet use?

How does billing work?

What are some of the factors that affect my internet speed?

What is the difference between and internal and external network?

What is the New Development Charge?